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Hello EyeDock users,

Optical cross nice

I’ve been working on a new version of EyeDock’s soft lens searches for quite a while now, and think it’s finally time to show you the result. I’m excited about the new features and I hope you’ll find them useful in your practice. 

I’m considering this a beta version for a short while, at least until all of you get a chance to put this through it’s paces. As a solitary developer (who spends most of his time examining eyeballs) it’s difficult for me to test EyeDock on every OS, browser, etc., so I need you all to help me out. So it goes without saying, let me know if you run into any problems. When I feel it’s ready I’ll more completely integrate it into EyeDock.

See below for a description and a video describing some of the highlights of the new searches.

<——click Soft Contact Lens Searches to use the searches!




Todd M Zarwell OD FAAO



I made a number of changes to simplify the interface, yet keep the searches robust . However, the feature that I’m most excited about is the search by refraction feature.

In the “old days”, searching for a lens by power used to take multiple steps: Vertexing. Transposing (at least for some of us). Filling out numerous fields on a form. Picking a lens. Finding out the -2.25 cyl doesn’t come in axis 50. Picking a different lens.

Now, this can be done with a single step. Type (or paste in) your refraction:

Refraction input


EyeDock will then:

1)  Vertex the refraction to establish the ideal contact lens power (and show the results on an optical cross)


Vertexted optical cross


2) Find all appropriate lenses

3) Search within each lens’s parameters to find the best powers available for that lens

4) Calculate a theoretical VA for each lens to help compare and contrast your options

Search by refraction results



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