Initiating EyeDock searches without going to EyeDock

Did you know you can start an EyeDock search without first going to This has always been true, but historically it has required some hacks on the user’s part.

I’ve recently added some features to EyeDock to this nearly effortless. All you need to do is go to and most modern browsers will recognize that our site has custom searches available and take care of the rest.

Chrome autopopulate

Personally, I feel this works best in Chrome. Google’s unified search bar is awesome and they have great integration with custom searches.

So, once your copy of Chrome has been to EyeDock and recognized that we now support custom searches, it will work like this:

Press tab for

  • Start typing in, just like you normally would do when you’re visiting a Web site
  • When Chrome sees that you’re typing “EyeDock” it’ll offer the suggestion to “Press Tab to search EyeDock”
  • Do what it says (press “tab”)
  • Start typing your search term. 

While you type, Google will query EyeDock for suggestions and you should see auto-populated results (as seen in the picture at the top of this post). Things you can type include:

  • Soft contact lens names or companies
  • RGP names
  • Topical ophthalmic medication names (trade or generic)
  • Initiate ICD-9 code searches (this will not autopopulate)
  • Initiate an Epocrates search for any medication (this will not autopopulate either)
  • Search contact lensers by refraction. This will only work for logged-in subscribers!

Give it a try - I can’t think of a faster way to get optometric information, at least not until Google figures out a way to read your mind (which they’re probably working on as we speak).

This will work in other browsers too, but it might require a little work on your part.


For example, in FireFox:

Click the little down arrow on the left side of the search bar. 

Firefox eyedock search 

If you’ve been to EyeDock recently you should see our site listed as an option. By selecting this you’ll be able to do searches of our databases with auto populated suggestions.

Firefox autopopulate


The process is very similar for Internet Explorer.

Sadly, Safari does not offer support for these custom searches (Damn you, Safari - I really want to love you but you make it so difficult!).


For all browsers, it’s important to remember that you need to have visited EyeDock since I implemented this feature for this to work. So, if it’s not working, go to and try again.

If it still doesn’t seem to be working as I described here, try deleting EyeDock searches from your browser.

For example, to delete EyeDock searches from Chrome, right click on the search bar and select “Edit Search Engines.."

Right click edit search engines chrome

Find EyeDock in the list and delete it. Then go back to to reintroduce your browser to our custom searches. Hopefully this “reset” will get things working.

If you run still run into troubles, or have any feedback, shoot me an email and I’ll try to help you out.


All the best, 


Todd M Zarwell OD FAAO

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