Parks Three Step Tool improvements

Just a quick post to make you aware that I’ve uploaded a new version of the Parks Three Step tool.

It works the same as always - just answer the three questions to establish which EOM is to blame for acquired vertical diplopia.

So what’s changed?

Eom parks three step explanation

Instead of just taking your input and spitting out an answer it now takes a “show your work” approach. For each of the three steps the tool will 

  1. Explain which muscles are suspected based on your observations of the patient.
  2. Show an illustration of #1


I’ve never been very keen on the idea of trusting a computer to make my clinical decisions. On the other hand, I don’t do the Parks Three Step test very often, and thinking through what each step means when I have a patient in my chair can be a bit taxing. Ideally, I’d like my the tools and calculators I create for EyeDock to make your clinical decision making easier, but I don’t want them to be a replacement for your thinking or common sense.

Hopefully this new version will strike the balance of being useful but also educational.

As an aside, this is why I decided to display optical crosses in the oblique cross cylinder calculator and outlined exactly how the contact lens calculations are done.

- Todd

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